Four Beauty Tips That Can Save Your Face



If you’re like me and absolutely obsessed with make up and how to my yourself look attractive, than I suggest you read on.

  1. Lotion is a must have

Before you put on any makeup product, apply lotion to your face. If you don’t put lotion on and then apply foundation or concealer, look closely in a mirror (specifically at the nose area) and dry skin is more visible.

It’s also a good way to hydrate your skin. However, a perfume scented lotion is not recommended to put on your face.

This is because the fragranced lotion would usually make your face drier after a while.

  1. TAPE!

Ladies, tape can be a major help when applying make up.

Need help winging your liner? Apply tape to the angle you want your wing, draw a straight line, fill in the spaces, and then BOOM; winged liner at its finest.

Also, tape is good for doing your nails for either designs or keeping nail polish off of your skin when painting your nails.

  1. Q-Tips

If you mess up on your make up, there is no need to take it all off anymore. Just wipe the messed up part off with a Q-Tip.

These also work for fallen eye shadow by picking up the shadow without messing up your foundation or other face make up.

  1. Make up for people who wear glasses

For people who have to wear glasses everyday, finding a makeup technique that suits you can be difficult. However, there is a way you can wear glasses and still look chic.

Try make up colors that look most natural, but not exactly the same color as your skin. I have noticed that the best make up looks for glasses are the natural beauty looks, like, brown and gold smokey eyes or single colored neutral eye shadows.

Then put on some lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, and you’re set!

There are plenty of other make up tips, however, these are the four that I live by.


I Want Long Hair and I Want It Now!


Staff Writer


When I was younger I was always obsessed with the new hair trends. Two years ago, when I was in the 8th grade, the fad was short hair.

In January, the day before our Team Success Day, I decided I was going to make myself a hair stylist. I cut almost all of my hair off; I didn’t even use the right scissors!

I had the kind of scissors you would get happy about when you were in the fourth grade and your teacher let you use the “big girl scissors.”

My hair was a few inches past my chest and after I cut it, it was right up to my shoulders. I only wanted to cut an inch off at first.

It was like going to the hair salon and asking for an inch cut, but instead they cut off four.

I braided my hair and tied it very close to the bottom. I went up one or two braids and cut it in a straight line. You would think going up two braids would do no harm, but all of a sudden I had a bob.

However, not to toot my own horn or anything, but it looked really cute, at the time of course.

I was shocked at the length of my hair, but it also gave me joy. It was so easy to straighten and I could do the really cute beach waves, but it was temporary joy.

Soon, I wanted my long hair back.

I went on YouTube and watched a “How to get long hair tutorial.” Now, I’m going to pass the wisdom along to you.

I used what’s called the inversion method. This method is an ancient trick that people used to grow out their hair when they didn’t have much time.

My results were remarkable.

First, you get an oil of your choice. Of course a hair oil, like argon or coconut.

Then, you heat up the oil. Microwaving the oil isn’t best, so I suggest boiling water in a pot then when the water is hot enough, putting your oil in a ceramic bowl and placing it in the pot.

The heat from the boiled water will melt the oil without putting any harsh chemicals into it.

After that, you flip your head upside down and start massaging your head with the oil. Preferably, I would do it when my hair was on a three-day streak with not washing it, since I was already going to put oil into it.

You do not have to sleep with the oil in your hair, but be sure to leave it in for a few hours.

You would only put the oil in one day out of the week. The other days, just massage your head without adding the extra oil.

I highly recommend not using this method everyday because your hair follicles will get used to this treatment and won’t grow as fast.

I used this method for two months and grew close to 7 inches. That’s the length your hair grows in a year!

Now long hair is the new trend and it’s my new obsession.



Back in the Bikini


Summer is around the corner and it means that bathing suit season has arrived. No more excuses, it is time to cut down the snacks and strive for your summer body.

It is important to know how to follow a healthy lifestyle. But know that having a summer body does not mean you have to starve yourself for weeks.

There are many different techniques that you can perform to achieve your ideal body.

Many people say that laughing a lot can actually make your heart better and increase your breathing. This is something you do everyday, but there are other steps that can take you to reach your goals.

A simple body cleanse like hot water and lemons can flush out toxins and it is a great source of Vitamin C. Also food portions are very important too.

If you are worried about overdoing your portions, it can be easy to learn how to downsize your plate. Drinking lots of water while eating can help the process a lot as well.

Food cravings come and go, so if you are one to crave something sweet, pack an alternative. Nuts and fruits are great choices because they are delicious, but also very healthy.

Going to the gym can also make your summer body come faster. If you do not have a gym membership you can easily run around your block or hit Rails to Trails for exercise.

If that is not an option for you, go on YouTube and find exercise videos that can assist you.

Always remember to treat your body like a temple—do not abuse it. Be smart and healthy about it, and before you know it your summer body will be here.

A Juggling Act


As we grow older, our parents tend to stop buying things for us. Even if we beg and beg, we know the only alternative is to provide for ourselves.

Many students struggle with balancing school and work. It is not easy, and once we start getting older, the situation only gets harder.

Some teenagers do not know how to keep their grades up and maintain a part-time job.

It is very important to get good grades, but in some cases it is also important to build a sense of responsibility by paying for things on their own, such as extra clothing or even their cell phone bill.

Learning to cope with school and a job will help you on a daily basis. There are a couple things you should keep in mind when battling with the two.

One thing to always keep in mind when trying to balance both things at once is to manage your time wisely.

It can be hard to do this at times, but if you have a clear perspective on how much time you have at home, then you can save time more easily.

Be realistic when judging how much time you need on things; not everything is going to go your way. Allow yourself to keep your priorities straight.

Another important tip to always keep in mind is to manage your stress wisely. Take breaks when you feel overwhelmed.

Stay active, enjoy life and do not let yourself be bottled up at home or at work all the time.

Keep a healthy lifestyle going; make sure to get enough sleep and to have good eating habits.

At the end of the day, you will like what your future has in store, and it’s going to give you better transferable skills when graduating from high school, and moving on to college.

Juggling both a job and school is a challenge for many people, and many people love it. Always remember to look forward into your future and have a clear thought that you are doing it for yourself and not for another person or a parent.

Manage Your Stress the Right Way



Individuals, may ask: How can I manage my stress without affecting my health, or the people around me in a negative way?

In the world today, we often find ourselves with more problems than we should have. Our problems range from school and work to issues within the family.

The Center For Disease Control reported that in 2010, “There were 38,364 suicides. This makes suicide the 10th leading cause of death here in the United States.”

Another report released from the CDC stated, “For youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death. It results in approximately 4600 lives lost each year.

The top three methods used in suicides of young people include firearm (45%), suffocation (40%), and poisoning (8%).”

However, there are ways to manage your stress in a positive way. For example, find something that sparks your interest or something you like to do.

If you like to exercise, go to the gym if you are having a bad day. According to, exercise “releases endorphins from the brain.”

The endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body “similar to morphine. The neuron receptors that endorphins bind to, are the same ones that bind to pain medications.”

Writing can also allow you to release emotions. If you like to write, keep a personal journal or diary to jot down your thoughts.

Try not to cope with stress in negative ways that could impact your health or your decision-making.

Stay away from excessive drinking. Too many drinks can effect your ability in making basic decisions.

It impacts the way you think and could result in you doing something stupid. Excessive drinking could result in DUIs, causing you to hurt yourself or someone else.

Drugs lead to addiction and could lead you into more serious problems. Drugs deteriorate your body and affect the way it functions.

Also, stay away from the people who stress you out. If somebody you are constantly around brings you conflict, try and avoid being around them as much as possible.

When stress gets you down, think about the positive things in your life. Think about all of your hard work, the goals you have accomplished, or if necessary, talk your problems out to a close friend.Stress can get the best of us, but the important thing to remember is, learn how to cope with it in a positive manner.

Remember to not resort to the negative; think positively and handle your stressors in a way that won’t hurt you or someone else.

Manage your stress the right way and your life will be different. You will learn to overcome the daily problems that life brings and cope with them the right way.

Love Your Heart

BY MOLLY FOSTER – Staff WriterFeb-Heart-Health-Month

February is known across the world as the universal month of love. As we know, the symbol of love is the heart.

The heart is the center of all of our feelings and the vital organ that allows blood to pulsate throughout the body.

Not only is February the month to express your love towards other individuals, but it is also the month to love y

our heart. The American Heart Association declares February as American Heart Healthy Month.

Many Americans indulge in unhealthy foods high in cholesterol, trans and saturated fats without even taking into consideration what it is doing to their bodies, most especially their hearts.

Overindulging in these unhealthy foods such as hotdogs, pizza, fried foods, and most baked goods could lead to numerous health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Heart disease is a major problem.

“Every year, about 715,00 Americans have a heart attack. About 600,000 people die from heart disease in the United States each year, making heart disease the leading cause of death for both men and women.”

In order to lower your chance of being at risk of any of these heart related diseases, it is recommended by the American Heart Association to take a few precautions. These precautions include exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, restraining from eating “junk foods” more than once or twice a week, cutting back on smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption.

It is also suggested to have both your blood pressure and cholesterol checked by your family doctor at least once a year in order to catch potential health issues prior to them becoming severe.

By becoming more aware of the foods you are consuming on a daily basis and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can cut your risk of heart related diseases in half.

Take advantage of this heart awareness month by showing your loved ones just how much you care about them through helping them acquire a healthier heart.

Influenza Virus Prevention


In the United States flu season is most common in the winter.

With activity of the virus already being at an overall high for this winter season, it is important that we take the necessary steps to prepare for the month of February which is usually when flu activity peaks.

The best way for anyone to protect themselves from the influenza virus is getting vaccinated. Annually, anyone over six months old should receive the flu vaccine when it is available.

“Washing your hands is probably the single best measure to prevent transmission,” explained Dr. Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD. Washing with both soap and water frequently can kill germs that you pick up from touching surfaces used by others.

Also, germs can spread by touching the eyes, nose, and mouth, so it is important that this is avoided. recommends the practice of good health habits. Getting plenty of sleep, exercising, and maintaining a healthy diet are all suggested.

If you are feeling sick, it is crucial that you stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever has subsided, unless of course you are seeking medical care. This helps avoid the risk of the virus spreading to others.

Now that you are knowledgeable about flu prevention, it is key to follow these steps and help prevent it from spreading.

Safe Sun Rules


BY TOSHIA O’LEARY – Staff Writer

Do you enjoy having a nice glow in late spring and early summer?

Tanning is a popular activity, but we should be aware of the consequences of both indoor and outdoor tanning.

According to an article entitled 11 Facts about Tanning, 28 million people tan indoors, 2.3 million are teens, and only one-third of people use sunscreen while tanning.

Not only is tanning associated with skin cancer, it can also lead to skin aging, immune suppression, which is when you harm your immune system due to high amounts of radiation that can come from the sun as explained by a medical dictionary website. The only way to prevent this is by using sunscreen.

Eye damage is another risk people take when worshiping the sun both indoors and out. The only prevention for this is to wear sunglasses and not stare directly at the sun.

One of the many questions people ask about tanning is, “Can I still get a tan if I use sunscreen?”  The answer is yes, although you will not tan as easily, but you will reduce the risk of getting skin cancer.

Whether its indoor or outdoor tanning remember the consequences, keeping in mind that too much of a good thing can be bad.

I try to tan outdoors no longer than an hour to prevent skin cancer, eye damage, and aging from occurring.

During late spring and early summer, you can still get that nice glow from a tan, but always keep in mind to treat yourself in increments.

Don’t Stress About Stress


You wake up and look at the clock; you’re late! You skip breakfast, get dressed, and run out the door but the bus has already left without you. Frustrated, you walk to school, but still show up late.

If this busy and chaotic morning sounds familiar, you are not alone. We all at one point or another experience stress.

April has been proclaimed to be National Stress Awareness Month. The goal of this month long effort is to make more individuals aware of the dangers of stress and help them develop strategies to cope with it.

Some of the potential affects of chronic stress include: headaches, fatigue, ulcers, and a weak immune system. These highlight the need to identify and reduce daily stress.

By focusing on a few activities, you can decrease the amount of unneeded stress in your life.

When you are stressed, you can spend time in silence, meditate, or take a nap. You also could get a massage, do something that you enjoy, or take a walk.

These are only a few suggestions, and each individual should try to identify what method helps relieve his or her stress most effectively.

The most important thing is that you face stress head on and not allow it to control your life.

Foods to Help Clear Skin


 Let’s face it; being a teenager is never easy, especially when it comes to having clear skin.

Taking care of our skin is quite a struggle when teenagers suffer from acne. Although there are products to clear your face and provide a fresh feeling, there are also foods that can do the same.

For those who believe that skin products are harmful, here are some healthy foods that help with unclear skin and even acne.

The most common food to help clear skin is avocado which helps smooth the skin and soothes irritated, red and puffy skin. You can drink it in a shake or even use it in a facial.

Berries are also good for your skin due to the vitamin C, which is essential for healthy-looking skin. Any type of berry has these vitamins that contain collagen fibers giving a younger look, and antioxidants that help with irritation.

Almonds are another food that are helpful. They contain fatty acids that maintain the cell membrane and also remove harmful toxins from the body that causes acne.

Almonds even help with retaining water in the body, which give the skin a plumper appearance.

Another food that can aid in skin care is mango. Not only is it a delicious exotic fruit, it contains more than your daily dose of vitamin A.

Mangoes contain high levels of antioxidants that help with younger and fresher looking skin.

All of these foods can be eaten in just about any form, and not only will they taste delicious, they will leave you with a fresh face.